Richard D. Sears

Emeritus Professor






AB        1960, Clark University
MA        1964, Indiana University
PhD       1970, Indiana University


Academic Appointments

Wake Forest University, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 2003-2018;
Adjunct Professor of Political Science 2003-2008;
Professor of Politics 1985-2002;
Associate Professor of Politics 1975-1985;
Assistant Professor of Politics 1969-1975
Instructor 1964-69

Director of International Studies, 1986-1999


Research and Teaching Interests

Thucydides and the Classical Understanding of International Politics
The Vietnam War (I have just completed a manuscript dealing with American policy and the evacuation from South Vietnam, April 1975)


Selected Publications

“Thucydides and the Science of Politics”, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 1977

“The Classical Understanding of International Politics” in Power, Principles and Interests, Ginn and Co., 1985

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