Alumni Profile – James F. Bailey

James F BaileyI graduated in 1972 from Wake Forest with a Political Science major. It was natural to then go on to receive a law degree from Wake Forest Law School in 1975. The Political Science Department courses made it quite easy to move into a legal career. I am forever grateful to have been a student in that Department. My first employment was in the Delaware Department of Justice and then as the head of two government agencies under our then Governor, Pierre DuPont. Private practice followed, first with a small boutique firm and then in 1983 I started my own firm. As of this moment I continue to maintain a private law practice with countless jury trials in all types of civil law cases. I have represented the Sheriff of McKinley County New Mexico and companies involved in oil drilling off the African Coast. It has certainly been interesting. Retirement looms in the next few years. There is no doubt that but for my political science background at Wake Forest, the path through the world of law would have been much more difficult. Thank you. [posted June 2010]

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