College Board of Visitors 2021 Leadership Award

Faculty Winner: Katy Harriger, Professor of Politics and International Affairs

Katy HarrigerKaty Harriger, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, is the 2021 recipient of the College Board of Visitors Faculty Leadership Award. Harriger served as longtime chair of the department while also serving three times on the University’s Senate in addition to serving on numerous committees. Civic engagement of her students is at the heart of Harriger’s research and impact. Along with Professor Jill McMillian, Harriger established a Democracy Fellows Program in 2001, which led to a series of deliberative dialogues for the broader campus a decade later and continues to be used in First Year Experience today. She also conceptualized, planned, and launched the Wake Washington Program in 2017. She has been described as “a master at utilizing our strong alumni base in Washington to enhance her classes, bringing alumni in to give real-world relevance to what the students are learning, asking alumni to ‘coach’ students on their mock trials, and offering opportunities for students to interact with alumni on a regular basis so they can begin thinking about the practical ways they will utilize what they are learning when they graduate.” Read the full Dean’s Digest

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