Politics student attends the 73rd Annual Student Conference on US Affairs at West Point (SCUSA)

Hazik Raihan Azam (junior) was selected to represent the university as its official delegate to the 73rd Annual Student Conference on United States Affairs (SCUSA) at West Point from November 2nd-5th . There he and nearly 200 other undergraduates and military cadets from across the world debated and discussed the challenges facing America today. The topic of this year’s conference was “American Foreign Policy in an Era of Polarized Politics and Revisionist Powers,” and Hazik was placed on
a roundtable discussion centering on the issue of how to maintain common values and interests in
American and European relations. Over the course of the conference, interspersed with impressive
speakers such as the Ambassador to the U.N, the table put forward a comprehensive policy proposal
that Hazik would go on to present to the delegates and moderators.

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