Departmental Honors Graduates 2012

Brooke Gilmore, The Structure of Inequality in America: How Do Poverty, Health Care, and Violence Affect African-American School Performance?” Brooke will be in enrolled in the MA in Management program at Wake Forest University.

Sophia Goren, “Principle and Pragmatism: Reflecting on the Achievements of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.” Sophia will attend Stanford University Law School

Victoria Hill, “Changing Priorities in Turkey: The 2010 Referendum and Constitutional Amendments.” Victoria will study at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna as a Fulbright grantee.

William McClure, “Cultural Factors for Spanish and British Decline and Lessons for Contemporary America.”  William will work in AT&T corporate sales.

Morgan Miller, “’¿Si somos argentinos o chilenos? … no tiene sentido esa pregunta’: The Question of Mapuche Transnationalism.” Morgan will work as an analyst in the Fixed Income Division of Credit Suisse in New York City.

Matthew Moran, “Politics of Grandeur, Politics of Union: African Democratization and French Foreign Relations from Decolonization to European Union.” Matt will work for a public relations company in New York City.

Nirali Parikh, “The Winner’s Curse: A Story of British Imperial Decline.”

Alyssa Ray, The Domino Effect: How the LDP Lost the 2009 Japanese Election.” After graduation in December 2011 Alyssa worked as in intern in the White House.

Christopher Riccio, “Measuring the Effect of the Oil Curse on Democracy.” Chris plans to spend a year teaching high school students before going to medical school.

Talley Wood, “The Evolution of Japanese Institutions: History, Culture, and Foreign Influence.” Talley will attend law school at Vanderbilt University.

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