Departmental Honors Graduates 2013

Kristin Battaglini

“The Changing Relationship between Non-Governmental Organizations and the State: A Case Study of Kenya.” Kristin will join Teach for America as a corps member teaching elementary education in Charlotte, NC.

Elizabeth Cannon

“Reconciling Gender Inequalities in Argentina and Chile: The Role of Female Executives in Promoting Women’s Rights.” Elizabeth received a Fulbright scholarship and will teach English in South Korea.

Justin Cradit

“The Election of Islamist Parties in the Middle East and North Africa: Cases of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party and Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement.” Justin plans to pursue a career in the field of democracy promotion and human rights. His future plans also involve graduate studies in international relations.

Cleo Johnson

“Communicating Cohesion: Competing Narratives of Tribal Legitimacy in the Quest for Lumbee Federal Recognition.”  Cleo will be working in a management position in Chicago.


Meenakshi Krishnan

“Democracies at Risk: Divergent Approaches to Press Violence in Colombia and Mexico.” Meenu will be enrolled in the MPhil Program in International Relations and Politics at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Kenneth Meyer

“Spring is for Parties: A Comparative Perspective on the Egyptian Party System Before and After the Arab Spring.” Ken will be enrolled in the MPhil progarm in International Relations and Politics at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Sara Olson

“Exploring Judicial Activism in Hybrid Regimes: A Comparative Study of Pakistan and Turkey.” Sara will teach English in Spain.

Daniel Stefany

“2012 Interstate Voter Turnout.” Dan will attend the University of Virginia Law School.


Brittany Sykes

“Introduction to War: A Rhetorical Study of American Presidents.” Brittanny will be attending the Law School at Columbia University.

Katherine Wycisk

“Bridging the Gap – People with Disabilities in Uganda.” Katherine is living outside Melbourne, Australia, and working as a fundraiser for Public Outreach while also continuing as volunteer co-director of Aid4Uganda.

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