Departmental Honors Graduates 2014

Departmental Honors Graduates 2014

Emily Anderson

“Cuba, Imperialism, and Sugar”

Joel Diamond

“Contradictions in Transitions: The Intersection between Neoliberal Economics and Repressive Governance in Egypt”

Kelly Flanigan

“The Odd One Out. Analysis of the Impact of Campaign- and Electorate-Specific Factors on Non-Major Party Performance in U.S. Elections”

Danny Siso

“Hugo Chavez: Beyond the Charisma”

Meredith Storm

“Legal Limbo:  Haitian Descendants in the Dominican Republic and the Quest for Nationality”

Jacqueline Sutherland

“Turkey’s Erdoganian Paradox: An Islamist, Authoritarian Prime Minister’s Rule Over a Secular, Democratic Republic”

Kimberly Quick

“Performing Truth and Freeing Religion: The Politics of Black and LGBT Liberation Theologies”


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