Honors Graduates 2009

Students will be awarded Honors in Political Science if their major GPA at the time of graduation is 3.8 or higher.

Departmental Honors Graduates


Kristin E. Olson, “The Search for a Pakistani Titular Head of State: The Crisis of Executive Design”

Kimberly L. Paschall, “Youth Voter Turnout: An Historical Look at the Content of Campaign Rhetoric as a Predictor of Voter Participation in Presidential Elections”

Emily K. Spear, “Max Weber and Robert Michels: Views on Political Parties and the German Working Class”

Jessica A. Stone, “How the Democratic Party Lost the New Deal Coalition: The Rise of the Republican Party and Lessons for a New Democratic Coalition”

Matthew R. Triplett, “Morally-Contested Ballot Initiatives and Evangelical Voters: A Republican Gold Mine?” Winner of the Jack D. Fleer Award for Excellence in Honors

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