Honors Graduates 2010

Students will be awarded Honors in Political Science if their major GPA at the time of graduation is 3.8 or higher.

Departmental Honors Graduates 2010

Kerry Ann Bollerman,   “Women and Democracy: An Evaluation of Their Success in Argentina.“  Kerry will work as a legislative analyst in the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Megan L.  Briskman,  “The Challenges Facing the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Autonomy.” Megan will work as a paralegal in New York City and plans to attend Law School starting in 2011.

Nick Deuschle,  “What about the Prosecutor?: Federal Sentencing Practices in a Post-Booker world.” Nick was awarded the Jack D. Fleer Award for Excellence in Honors in Political Science.  He plans to teach English in China before entering the University of Chicago Law School in 2011.

Katherine Dydak, Authoritarian Amnesties:  The Return of Political Exiles to Dictatorships in the20th Century.”  Katherine won a Fulbright scholarship to teach English at a Russian University. She plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning.

Sarah Gabriel, “United States and European Union Civil Society Promotion in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: The Growing Potential for Change.”  Beginning in July 2010, Sarah will attend the year- long MA in Management Honors Programs at the Wake Forest Schools of Business. Her goal is to attend Law School the following year.

Monica Giannone“Civil Society in an Authoritarian State: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.”Monica is still waiting to hear whether she will be awarded a Fulbright scholarship to teach English at an Egyptian University.

Megan Huber“Betrayal of the Innocents:  An Examination of Children and Peacekeeping.”  Megan won the Carl Moses Excellence in Research Award in Political Science and the Award for Outstanding Senior in International Studies.  She will be teaching English in Malaysia as part of a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship.  Afterwards she plans to attain a MA degree in International Educational Development from Columbia University.

Monica Petrescu“Ethnic Communities in Romania: Establishing Status through Organization.”Monica also graduated with honors in Economics. Monica plans to do service work before attending graduate school in Economics at Cambridge University (UK).

Andrew Price, “Blackwater’s Nisour Square Incident in Iraq and the Effects on U.S. GovernmentRegulation and Private Security Company Accountability.”  Andrew will attend graduate school in Public Policy at the University of Maryland (College Park).

Zahir Rahman“President Hamid Karzai: The Destruction of a Myth as illustrated in the 2009Afghanistan Presidential  Election.”  Zahir won the William C. and Ruth N. Archie Award and the C.H. Richards Award for Excellence in Political Science.  Zahir will embark on a Fulbright scholarship in Morocco where he will study youth participation.

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