Honors Graduates 2011


Zachary Edward Berger, The World Trade Organization and the Effects of Institutionalized Trade on International Development. Zach will work in the Investment Banking Division of Citigroup in New York City.
David Brennan, Arab Authoritarianism: Institutional Foundations. Dave will attend Wake Forest University School of Law.
Daniel Michael Capone, Propaganda and Racial Identity in Nazi Germany. Dan will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana to pursue a J.D. with a concentration in International Law.
Carey Alice Carpenter, Revisiting Kennan’s Political Containment Theory to Counter Neo-Salafist Global Jihad. Carey will work as a Federal Analyst for Deloitte’s Federal Practice in Washington, DC.
Caitlin Garrigan-Nass, Third Party Prospects: The Success of Independent and Third-Party Candidates in US Gubernatorial Elections. Caitlin was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in France for 2011-12. Following her stay in France she will attend Law School at George Washington University.
Kendall Hack, UNHCR: The Global “Fireman” (The Obstacles of Expansion). Kendall will work as a Wake Forest Fellow in the Office of the Provost. Afterwards she plans on attending graduate school in Foreign Policy or International Business.
Chelsey JoAnn Kohler. International Regime Change: The United Kingdom’s Next Move.
Randy John Paris, A Compass through the Storm: What Presidents tell us when Reality confronts the American Dream. Randy will be working as an Associate in the White House Presidential Personnel Office.
David Tokarrz, Nationalization in Gubernatorial Elections.

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