Justin Esarey

Justin Esarey

Associate Professor

Office: Kirby 319
Phone: 336-758-5133
email: esareyje@wfu.edu

Areas of expertise: Political Methodology; Corruption


Dr. Justin Esarey is an Associate Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University who specializes in political methodology. His areas of expertise include model specification and sensitivity, statistical inference and the publication ecosystem, the analysis of moderated relationships, and methodological education and outreach. His current substantive projects study the relationship between corruption and female participation in government as well as institutional constraints on human rights abuse.

BA in Political Science, Bowling Green State University, 2002
BS in Economics, Bowling Green State University, 2002
MS in Political Science, Florida State University, 2004
PhD in Political Science, Florida State University, 2008

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor (with tenure), Wake Forest University, July 2018–present
Associate Professor (with tenure),  Rice University, July 2017–June 2018
Assistant Professor, Rice University, July 2012–June 2017
Assistant Professor, Emory University, July 2008–June 2012


POL 243 Corruption
This course addresses the politics of appropriation of public resources for private gain, with a focus on why corruption levels vary across countries, why people choose to participate in corruption, and the effects of corruption on politics and the economy.

POL 280  Research Methods

Overview of the qualitative and quantitative methods prominent in studying political science. Attention is given to the relationships between theory, method and findings by focusing on the need to make systematic empirical observations. STA-111 must be taken before or concurrently with this course.

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