Study Abroad

We encourage our majors to engage in a study abroad experience, and close to 60 percent of our majors routinely do so. You can get credit for semester, summer, and year-long programs as well as internship programs abroad. Wake Forest University offers more than 400 study abroad opportunities. The Center for Global Programs and Studies is there to help you find the right program.

As a politics and international affairs major or minor, please keep in mind the following rules when applying for a study abroad program:
Please know that credit earned as part of WFU programs will count toward your GPA; grades of C or better earned as part of affiliate programs will count as transfer credit but will not count toward your GPA. For further information, please see the Study Abroad website.


Course Approval for Study Abroad

  • Students must have courses approved by the department chair prior to enrolling in the course.
  • They must provide a copy of the syllabus for the course that includes all course requirements.
  • The department expects courses to have writing requirements comparable to the ones required in departmental courses.
  • Internships without a research paper component will not be approved.
  • Majors may count no more than three courses taken elsewhere toward their total of 31 hours.
  • Minors may count no more than one course taken elsewhere toward their total of 18 hours.


How to Apply

Detailed information about application procedures can be found on the Study Abroad website.


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